'Yes Please' Review

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

This seems to be fast becoming a bit of a cult book. So clearly I had to get involved.

I am not a Amy Poehler fanatic by any means. Usually I refer to her as Regina's mum in mean girls, but regardless of this I really enjoyed her book.

The funny/witty anecdotes are in twined in life lessons for her readers, while some stories left me needing to watch 100 re-runs of Saturday Night Live on YouTube, I didn't feel like not being as familiar with her work hindered me in anyway.

The book is split by large quote pages which I kept flicking back to every now and again for a pick me up. I also really loved the chapters where she got other people to write for her or footnote their thoughts on the things she was talking about which she justifies by clarifying that 'writing is hard'.

Overall it just made me want to be her best friend more than anything and reminded me to stop every once in a while and make sure I'm not taking life too seriously.

My Rating 3.5/5