'The Miniaturist' Review...

Friday, 27 February 2015

'There is nothing hidden that will not be revealed...

On an autumn day in 1686, eighteen-year-old Nella Oortman arrives at a grand house in Amsterdam to begin her new life as the wife of wealthy merchant Johannes Brandt. Though curiously distant, he presents her with an extraordinary wedding gift: a cabinet-sized replica of their home. It is to be furnished by an elusive miniaturist, whose tiny creations ring eerily true. 

As Nella uncovers the secrets of her new household she realizes the escalating dangers they face. The miniaturist seems to old their fate in her hands - but does she plan to save or destroy them?'

I don't know whether I have been religiously reading Neil Gaiman for too long or whether I have a real taste for destruction but I always want these books to end in fire and a dramatic plot twist. 

However although this has a lot of twists and turns, I feel for me it suffered from the destructive capabilities of being hyped up too much. Regardless of this I love the descriptions of Amsterdam and Nella's house - real and miniature. The character's are brought to life really beautifully but unlike in other books I didn't become very attached to any of them...which kind of meant that when big events happen I didn't feel involved. 

The book as the title suggests involves a Miniaturist, who can predict coming events with perfect miniatures of people and objects which cleverly suggest what is next going to happen. After these objects are given I kept on having to flick back to see how these really subtle predictions weave their way into the story. She is illusive and I guess is suggested as a 'playing god' character, I really was intrigued by this character in particular but she is a lot less present than the rest (sequel?). 

Overall I would recommend to read this book to make your own judgement as I at the end of the day I am just an over tired fashion student sitting in her yellow desk chair who managed to spell sequel as seagull three times before she realized it was in fact not how you spell it.  

My Rating 3.5/5