Tuesday, 27 January 2015

When you're little you think twenty is so far away it might as well be Narnia. Those 'grown ups' will never be you as your most important decision is who to play with at lunch time.

When your in your teens, twenty is that intimating person who sits at the back of the bus. Avert your eyes and become invisible as they are clearly superior to you in a more terrifying way than any adult can be. 

But then you hit twenty and nothing really happens apart from the obvious comedy granny card, you have to ask yourself, what were you really expecting? 

I turned twenty a week ago and I am yet to turn into the spot-free success story I have imagined. I am still just as stressed, self conscious and awkward as I have always been. There is no shower of rose petals as you enter adult-world. No fanfare, no sudden epiphany. 

So to all the teenagers who believe that the university students you see at interviews have a god-like presence that you will never have, just remember we are just as clueless, awkward and manic as you. We just have more experience of hiding it. 

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