'Into The Woods' Review...

Saturday, 10 January 2015

'Once upon a time, in a far off kingdom there lay a small village at the edge of the woods. In this village lived a fair maiden, a carefree young lad, a childless baker with his wife and a hungry little girl who always wore a red cloak'

With a cast like this was there ever going to be a problem? 

I booked my tickets far in advance like any Disney freak, and after inevitably pushing people out of my seat I sat down to enjoy the complete magic and rapture of the woods. The film combines many traditional story tales which always has dangerous territories of being repetitive.   
However it is completely delightful and whisks you along through the fantastic opening number through the woods and back again. With all the cast participating in complicated musical numbers, criss-crossing over each others story lines and back again until the characters come together as a whole.


With Colleen Atwood on costume design (bow down) every shot is beautiful but still in keeping with the slightly creepy elements of the traditional Grimm's Fairy tales. The whole story is laced with musical numbers and humor which pokes fun at some typical fairy tale characters and plots which breaks up the musical numbers and plot line and in keeps with the more light-hearted story telling.

 Chris Pine as the Prince has a brilliant number, thrashing around dramatically in a waterfall whilst singing of his love-sick agony (includes avid shirt ripping) for the indecisive Cinderella (Anna Kendrick). To be honest Chris Pine kept everyone laughing all the way through. 

Of course Johnny Depp plays 'The Big Bad Wolf' bouncing off the thieving 'Red Riding Hood' who is by far my favourite character. And I have to mention the chemistry between Emily Blunt and James Corden as the baker and his wife who completely steal the show.

For lovers of Disney, fairy tales and musical theater you may have hit the jackpot. 
(Welcome to the club)

My Rating : 5/5