The Halloween Countdown 4 Days To Go : The No-Carve Pumpkin

Monday, 27 October 2014

Is it just me or is Halloween really hyped up this year? I'm far from complaining as I am obsessed with the holiday so I thought I would do a count down with a few of my favourite picks from the dark corners of the internet. 

Number One : The No - Carve Pumpkin
When I was a kid pumpkin carving consisted of two triangles, a wiggly line and a tealight. However the 'no-cave' pumpkin has popped up everywhere this year as a style conscious alternative for grown ups. 

No-Carve Pumpkin Decorating Party
'No Carve' Halloween Pumpkin Ideas | Fox News Magazine
 copper striped white pumpkins
DIY Gold Glitter Pumpkin Candleholders 
No-carve painted pumpkins 
Pumpkins filled with dripping church candles Halloween front door decor 
What a fun way to decorate a pumpkin