September Favourites...

Sunday, 5 October 2014


Another favorites! Which also means its nearly Halloween time!!  
Most of my favourites are linked to uni as that has been my main focus this month. One thing that has been really help is keeping all of my notes in order is my orange notebook! I bought this from tesco for £5. I love the colour it really reminds me of pumpkins and autumn. 

This next one is a bit of an odd one for me as I rarely venture beyond pink, purples and reds as the weather becomes colder. But I really love this Gelly Nail Varnish from Barry M in the colour 'Mustard', I am obsessed with the formula of these varnishes and really love the colour, especially when I am wearing a lot of  dark greys and blues. 

This is something I saw on Ingrid's get ready with me video. I had never really seen/used one before but I am obsessed with it! It is basically an exfoliating pad that you cleanse your skin with my adding your favourite cleanser or exfoliater and it helps to reduce the size of your pores and smooths out your skin. I am really noticing a difference in my skin since using this and would definitely recommend it! This one I picked up from The Body Shop for £2/£3. 


Can we just take a moment to appreciate that it is now socially acceptable to wear tartan outdoors. So many excites. This scarf I picked up from Primark for £5 and it is huge and so soft which is the way scarves should be. 

This month I was photographed by blogger 'The Mancorialist' who photographs street style in Manchester! I found it a bit wierd that the week before I was doing the same thing. (Really annoyed I look like an advert for Primark here!)

I know I'm a bit late to the party talking about this one but I have found a new love for Troye Svian's EP 'Happy Little Pill'. I have been listening to this a lot whilst on the train early in the morning when all I have wanted is chilled music to get me ready for the day. The whole feel on this EP has such a chill vibe and I cannot stop listening. 

That's all for this month guys! Let me know if you think there is anything I should check out this month! Lots of Love xoxo