July Favourites

Friday, 1 August 2014

July has been a bit of a weird month for me. I found out my foundation results (distinction, holla!), gained a place on my chosen course for next year, booked an impromptu holiday and spent most of the month working to pay it off. However I have collected a small amount of favourites for this month so here we go... 

The Sketchbook to keep you creative
I purchased this book a while ago from Waterstones after having my eye on it for a while, however I have only recently got to grips with actually using it. The book contains templates for fashion design in various poses and styles. As I am trying to keep my creative spirit alive during my time away from uni this is a great tool to keep yourself creating/drawing even on limited time!    

The Coffee-Lovers Dream
 As anyone who sees me before 11am will know I love coffee. So after seeing this little candle in TKMaxx I had to have it. The smell reminds me of my time in Barcelona in the morning when people start grabbing their morning coffee. I love burning whilst I'm getting ready for the day (you can literally inhale that amazing morning coffee smell)
I found mine in TKMaxx for £3, however you can find it here for slightly more.

A Film for Ella or Melting the Hearts of Millions
How could I not put this in here? I am a firm follower of JacksGap so I as usual checked my recent uploads, clicked on play and sat back. I am a self confessed non-romantic or a hard ass to some but this video made me weep. I have watched it a grand total of 9 times now and still find it equally as beautiful. I just goes to show that for some romance isn't being killed off by the media era. I thought what Jack did was brilliant, maybe it will prompt a new wave of media fueled romance? If you haven't seen the video I urge you to watch, if nothing it will put a smile on your face! 

I am one of those people who has always been open to the word exercise but always thought it came with extra expenses like joining a gym and the uncomfortable feeling of being red faced and sweaty whilst being goggled by old men. But I have found a cure for all this in Blogilates, a blog/youtube channel run by a Pilates guru who creates incredibly fun workouts which you can do in your room with just yourself and a mat. There is also an option to sign up to a newsletter that allows you to access a workout timetable for each month that directly link to her videos which work on different areas of the body. I am seeing some great results and feeling good about it! 

What have you been loving this month? Anything similar or different to me let me know!