The Books I Read On Holiday

Friday, 29 August 2014

'Everybody has to make choices. 
Some might break you. 
For seventeen-year-old Mia, surrounded by a wonderful family, friends and a gorgeous boyfriend decisions might seem tough, but they're all about a future full of music and love, a future that's brimming with hope. 
But life can change in an instant. A cold February morning...a snowy road...and suddenly all of Mia's choices are gone. Except one. As alone as she'll ever be, Mia must make the most difficult choice of all.

Whilst on holiday I wanted to read a few books that would be coming out in the cinema when I got home. So naturally I had to start with 'If I Stay' by Gayle Forman. The book was a lot shorter than I thought, but that definitely added to the book rather than took away from it. If you didn't already know, the book centers around Mia, who is involved in a car accident that kills her family and leaves her left in an inbetween space, given the choice either to stay or to leave. 
The book is so beautifully and sensitively written as you see her family and friends give her reasons to stay and see her memories that are pulling her to go...  

'When the doors of the lift crank open, the only thing Thomas remembers is his first name. But he's not alone. He's surrounded by boys who welcome him to the Glade - a walled encampment at the centre of a bizarre and terrible stone maze. 

Thomas was sure that escape from the maze meant he and the Gladers would get their lives back. But no one knew what sort of life they were going back to. The earth is a wasteland. Government and order have disintergrated and now Cranks, people driven the murderous insanity by infectious diseases. Thomas can only wonder - does he hold the secret of freedom somewhere in his mind? 

 This came as a recommendation to me as I really love Dystopian literature. I have previously read the Hunger Games before and I know it has been compared over and over to that trilogy. HOWEVER *drum roll* I prefer 'The Maze Runner' to 'The Hunger Games'.  
'The Maze Runner' begins with a boy called Thomas who is dropped into a place he has never been before with no memory surrounded only by boys. I read these both in the last few days and I am currently finishing the last one. I am definitely obsessed. If you like fast moving, heart pounding but an easy read I definitely would check these out. 

'Sutter's the guy you want at your party. Aimee's not. She needs help and it's up to Sutter to show Aimee a splendiferous time and then let her go forth and prosper. But Aimee's not like other girls and before long he's over his head. For the first time in his life he has the power to make a difference in someone else's life - or ruin it forever. 

I started watching this movie a while back and found myself hugely enjoying it, so naturally I stopped and read the book first...
It definitely reminded me of a John Hughes esk 80s movie. It is just a really good coming of age book  which John Green fans would definitely enjoy. It makes you have all the feelings and then takes them away. It also gives you some inter turmoil as to whether you like the lead character Sutter as he not-so-soberly struggles through the experiences facing a generic american teenager.  

Have you read any of these and had a different response ?

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Foiled Again...

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Everyone remembers being a child having a slightly peeling, slightly faded image of a arrow struck heart or a slightly misshapen Spiderman stuck to your arm made you some kind of a celebrity. However I recently noticed these beautiful foil tattoos floating around instagram from a company called Child of Wild. These are anything but the childish transfers we all know as they are modeled to look like jewelry, creating a very Bohemian effect, which as you can see looks perfect with an end of holiday tan or a last minute festival. Have your damp clothes at the ready!
I have found some slightly cheaper alternatives below. I definitely will be trying these out! 

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Ancients cities, Sunsets and Cocktails...

Friday, 22 August 2014

I took a small break from reality and hopped on a plane to Rhodes, Greece. So I thought I would share some of my adventures with you all. These photos include an ancient city, sunsets, cocktails, an abandoned monastery and a valley of butterflies... Enjoy 

Let me know if you have been to Rhodes or if you want to know anything else about where I went. 

Part Two coming soon...

5 of my favourite books..

Saturday, 9 August 2014

So in celebration of National Book Lovers Day, I thought I would share five of my favourite books with you all...

1) 'Water For Elephants' by Sara Gruen 
If you have seen the film please completely ignore it. The book is one of the very few I have actually re-read over and over. It centers around Jacob who after the death of his parents leaves his life of becoming a vet behind and joins a travelling circus. The book is completely compelling and definitely a brilliant holiday read.

2) 'The Ocean of the End of the Lane' Neil Gaiman 
I have spoke about this book before as I completely fell in love with it. It is a modern day adult fairy story but think more Grimm's than Disney and it can be quite scary at times. Over all it is an easy read that really doesn't disappoint despite this.

3) 'The Tiger's Wife' by Tea Obreht 
I read this a while ago whilst starting my A levels. The book is split into three separate stories that all entwine in and out of each other. Including stories from the present day, the legend of a man called 'Death' and the bond between a blind girl and a tiger. It is written beautifully and if you enjoy books that come together just at the very end, you will enjoy this read.

4) 'Alice and Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass' by Lewis Carroll
This old battered book is definitely 'well loved' in my household as I used to carry it round with me like a doll. However the story itself always encaptured by imagination, my favourite part is Alice becoming stuck in the White Rabbits house and of course the Mad Hatter's Tea Party!

5) 'A Thousand Splendid Suns' by Khaled Hosseini 
I really don't believe I truly loved the written word enough until I read this book. 'The Kite Runner' by the same author definitely gets a lot more praise, but I having read both prefer this one. I don't know whether it is the bonds between the women in the story or the awe inspiring acts of bravery which unfortunately still are happening today which make the story so raw and emotional that I recommend this to anyone and everyone.

Have you read any of these books? If so what did you think of them? What are some of your favorites I would love to know!

Just Take a Moment for Basil Soda's Enchanting Seaweed and Beaded Seafoam...

Monday, 4 August 2014

 Just take a moment for the most beautiful dresses and most innovative designs of the beautifully named Basil Soda which remind me a lot of the Little Mermaid, more Grimm's than Disney... think enchanted seaweed and beaded sea foam.


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July Favourites

Friday, 1 August 2014

July has been a bit of a weird month for me. I found out my foundation results (distinction, holla!), gained a place on my chosen course for next year, booked an impromptu holiday and spent most of the month working to pay it off. However I have collected a small amount of favourites for this month so here we go... 

The Sketchbook to keep you creative
I purchased this book a while ago from Waterstones after having my eye on it for a while, however I have only recently got to grips with actually using it. The book contains templates for fashion design in various poses and styles. As I am trying to keep my creative spirit alive during my time away from uni this is a great tool to keep yourself creating/drawing even on limited time!    

The Coffee-Lovers Dream
 As anyone who sees me before 11am will know I love coffee. So after seeing this little candle in TKMaxx I had to have it. The smell reminds me of my time in Barcelona in the morning when people start grabbing their morning coffee. I love burning whilst I'm getting ready for the day (you can literally inhale that amazing morning coffee smell)
I found mine in TKMaxx for £3, however you can find it here for slightly more.

A Film for Ella or Melting the Hearts of Millions
How could I not put this in here? I am a firm follower of JacksGap so I as usual checked my recent uploads, clicked on play and sat back. I am a self confessed non-romantic or a hard ass to some but this video made me weep. I have watched it a grand total of 9 times now and still find it equally as beautiful. I just goes to show that for some romance isn't being killed off by the media era. I thought what Jack did was brilliant, maybe it will prompt a new wave of media fueled romance? If you haven't seen the video I urge you to watch, if nothing it will put a smile on your face! 

I am one of those people who has always been open to the word exercise but always thought it came with extra expenses like joining a gym and the uncomfortable feeling of being red faced and sweaty whilst being goggled by old men. But I have found a cure for all this in Blogilates, a blog/youtube channel run by a Pilates guru who creates incredibly fun workouts which you can do in your room with just yourself and a mat. There is also an option to sign up to a newsletter that allows you to access a workout timetable for each month that directly link to her videos which work on different areas of the body. I am seeing some great results and feeling good about it! 

What have you been loving this month? Anything similar or different to me let me know!