Summer Adventures : Ice cream, penny boards and seaside swimming

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Recently on what seemed like my first day off in forever, my family and I took a trip to the seaside town of Barmouth. 

My Dad has a radar for ice cream shops and spotted Knickerbockers immediately. The shop itself is like staring into a seven year old girls dream kitchen : very pink, sparkly and filled with sweets. 

 As the UK are  experiencing a heatwave that can only be described as post-apocalyptic, we all went for a swim in the sea. We are all mad beach goers so we have no fear of jumping into a great mass of freezing water... 

After this we grabbed lunch in a small village outside of Barmouth which housed some really cute cafes and shops.

Penny Boarding is better than walking. (Fun for Louis eat your heart out)

All in all I had a great day and checked off one thing off my summer wishlist! 

What have you guys been up to so far this summer? Have you been staying at home or travelling overseas, I'd love you hear from you!

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