June Favourites

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

The Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimiser and Skin Clearing Lotion

This month I have been trying to clear up my skin ready for summer so that I can take a back seat on heavy foundation, and these two products are definitely helping! I picked them up because I heard some good things about them and tea tree can only do good for your skin. The clearing lotion is kind of like a toner but thicker and moisturizing. The other is for under makeup to smooth skin but also is meant to close up your pores. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.  

 I loooovveee these jeans, they are the comfiest coolest jeans I have ever owed. So much love for them, pretty much worn them everyday this month. They are a really flattering fit and are easy to dress up and down, which just adds to me wearing them everywhere.

Food & Drink: Natural Yogurt and Iced Coffee 

This may be really controversial, but I really hate breakfast. I just find it really boring and I'm usually too tired to put anything remotely interesting. Really cereal is effectively cardboard. Soooo I decided to get my shit together. And I have been loving natural yogurt with fruit or oats etc. 
The other is iced coffee, I seriously love coffee and with the small amount of heat we actually have in England I have been drinking my coffee cold, I actually think I prefer it cold to hot now. 

The Fault In Our Stars  


Can we just take a moment please. 
I don't cry in movies, I get more emotional at books. So when I read 'The Fault in our Stars' I had to take a few days to avoid a breakdown. So when it was released that it was going to be made into a movie I prepared myself. I wasn't prepared. 
For me (my opinion) the movie completely encapsulated the book's story and its meaning. Being such a beautiful book and love story with such a cult fan base, so many things could have gone wrong. However I thought the film was beautifully cast and the story kept so close to the book it was perfect. 
The only thing that kind of ruined my experience was the group of girls next to me were constantly asking each other if they were crying...why are people so obsessed with making themselves cry in movies that are deemed to be sad anyway. You know it's going to happen so why keep asking. Stop it. 

Anyways that's all for this month! Cannot believe it is July already, let me know if you have seen or used any of these things, or if you've done anything different this month!