Instagram Diary

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

1. Frozen Cake - This is the cake my Mum made for a Frozen party at work, I thought it was amazing and had to share it with the rest of the Frozen fan club. 
2. A Romantic Dinner for Three - Having a homemade dinner with two of my favourite people followed by watching 'The Bachelorette'. A perfect evening. 
3. Pink Hair - I think I had a small crisis and dip dyed my hair pink. 
4. My Results - I received a Distinction in my foundation year.
5. My Random Act of Kindness - After a few blog posts ago I posted about these Random Act of Kindness, and whilst my exhibition was open, I received one! 
6. Talented Photographer - My best chummy, from Cathaura (PLUG) took this picture whilst we grabbed lunch in Manchester. 
7. Puppy Love - My friend Roisin recently got this little love, she is actually the love of my life.
8. The reoccurring jeans - They are back, I love them. 
9. Shameless Selfie - I lover the off the shoulder tops that are in River Island. 
10. Breakfast - When my Uncle came up to visit, we had a full blown breakfast outside in the sun, it was probably one of my favourite days from last month. 
11. Mocktails - Getting creative in work with non alcoholic cocktails and it didn't fail disastrously. 
12. Morning Tea - My love for Manchester and Tea never falters.