Maleficent Film Review

Tuesday, 17 June 2014


Ever the Disney fan, as soon as I saw the first trailer teaser for Maleficent, I knew I would have to see it. However after paying the £7.60 for the privilege, I was left very surprised but in a good way! The story as many Disney re-makes shows the popular Sleeping Beauty tale re-told from the villain.  
I think a lot of people had reservations at such an iconic actress as Angelina Jolie playing the lead in a role that is very well known. However as soon as the movie started I completely forgot who Jolie herself and got sucked into this beautiful fairy tale world, where the story was as compelling as the fairy tale world.
I was utterly entranced by the whole movie and would completely recommend it to any Disney enthusiast! However it may cause involuntary contouring like Angelina's in the film, I cannot stop. 

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