Lemon and Raspberry Cupcake Recipe

Monday, 9 June 2014

A simple cupcake with a raspberry center and lemon icing. Very quick and easy to make, my kind of baking!! 

For cake mixture: 
- 4 eggs 
- 8oz self -raising flour 
- 8oz caster sugar 
- 8oz margarine/ butter 
- 1 tbsp vanilla essence  
- 1 cup of raspberries or raspberry jam 
For the butter cream icing:
- 175g icing sugar 
-75g margarine/butter 
-1/4 cup of lemon curd 
-1/2 caster sugar 
-Raspberries for decoration 

1. Mix together ingredients for cake batter (minus the raspberries) until all creamed together. 

2. Spoon into cupcake cases til they are half full of batter, put into 180 degree pre-heated oven. 
Cook for 15 minutes or until you can put a knife through the center of one and it comes away clean. After leaving to cool for a few minutes cut a cone shaped hole out of the middle of each cake. 

3. Fill hole with either fresh raspberries or raspberry jam (I used frozen raspberries). 

4. Whisk together your icing sugar and butter until mixed (add a dash of milk if needed), then add into the mix the cup of lemon curd then whisk again until smooth. Just as a personal preference I added some caster sugar to the mix to add a crunchy texture to the icing, but that's just me. And then finally you can add extra raspberries on top for decoration.