10 Thing I Want To Do This Summer

Saturday, 21 June 2014

1. Organise

Great for my son's games

After a hectic few months finishing uni, I feel that my room feels cluttered and unorganized. This makes me so annoyed, however instead of organizing my own room, I prefer to look at beautiful pictures on the internet of beautifully organised and tidy spaces. PRODUCTIVE. So this summer I have made a full scale action plan to completely organize my room from top to bottom.   

2. Cook  

Bloomin' Onion Bread- I have made this at least 15 times.  Everyone always wants the recipe..... and yes, it is that good. 

When it comes to the kitchen I am definitely more of a baker than a chef. But after seeing the recent 'healthy-eating' blogging wave, I really want to give it all a go (let's see how long until the cakes return). 

3. Take Photos 


This is on everyone's summer to do list isn't it. However I have a wall in front of my desk covered in framed film camera photos of places I go and people I love. This is ever growing and I really want this to have more recent photos of the summertime. I hope this point is properly demonstrated by my photo of an Italian wonky lamp post (move over Annie Liebovitz). 

4. Pinterest Craft 

Easy Party Decorations: Giant Pom Pom Garland

Everyone on Pinterest has that one board that they stick all the crafting and DIY ideas on with the full intention of 'doing later' because 'it'll be fun' or even better because 'it's pretty'. My such board is ironically titled 'Useful'. So this summer I am determined to do at least one of these projects from beginning to end, because honestly who doesn't need a giant pom pom garland.  

5. Prep for new term 

Fashion Sketchbook research, fashion drawings & design development of final major project exploring skeletal structures; cutting edge fashion, emerging designers // Natasha Elliot, "Muscular o-yoroi" 

I really feel like I should definitely put this on my do to list...I mean it's the thought that counts...right?  

6. Read 


You must have gathered by now that I am a book lover. The fact my friends check Waterstones before ringing to see where I am should probably be addressed at some point. Regardless I am a bookworm and shall never stop reading. 

7. Save  

I don't want to even give this one a picture because frankly I don't want to. The word save is even a dull word, but it's going to have to happen so why not start now.

8. Explore 

Exploring Manchester - Karl Child Photography

This one is my favourite to-do. When your in one place a lot I find that you seem to keep going back to the places be that shops, cafes, restaurants etc... I really want to break out of this habit and explore some new things in old places.

9. Get off the Internet 

I think this one pretty much speaks for itself (including watching back to back Keeping Up with the Kardashians, sorry not sorry.)

10. Laugh

But most of all to just be able to look back on this summer as a great one filled with laughs and good memories.

(All pictures that are not my own are linked)

Let me know if any of these are on your summer to do list!