My Amazon Wish List is out of Control...

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

 When someone says 'oh yeah, buying books online is so easy and fast' they really mean it. As a result my amazon wish list is 45 books strong currently. I have no regrets about this, apart from if we continued to buy these beauties online ... what would happen to our beloved book shops?  

So as well established I am a book lover with a collection that dominates most surfaces. I am also someone who will go into a shop and feel every item of clothing without actually buying anything...put this into a bookshop environment and I can lose an entire day. But on my morning commute into uni, the amount of people reading hard-back versus an e-reader is pretty even. Is this something to be welcomed or not? I do have a kindle but honestly there is something about having a physical book in your hands and cracking the spine (although I did know a boy who refused to do this, reading only through a small gap in the pages as not to damage the spine at all...people are odd) 

(Images all from Amazon)

My solution however is to buy one book in store for every one online... meaning double the books for me and as previously stated, my wish list isn't getting any shorter. As you can see above, only a small collection of my most wished for items.

Waterstones should have me on commission.