May Favourites

Friday, 30 May 2014

May is the dreaded exam season and for me that means exhibition prep and build which gets really intense as everyone is stressing around their own projects. So this month hasn't left much for anything I actually enjoy (I know bring out the violins). However due to an unfortunate bathroom flooding, that we are not to speak of, I had to replace a lot of makeup and beauty products meaning I was able to try some new products.

Beauty Favourites
Botantics cleanser : £3.99  Baked-To-Last Blusher : £12
 The first of my beauty favourites this month has to be the Botantics Gentle Cleansing Cream in the range All Bright. I have had a lot of late nights recently at uni as well as working late night shifts at work and this is such a life saver. When I come in at 2am, I don't know about anybody else but I cannot be bothered worry about cleansing and toning my skin but there is always that Tanya Burr voice in my head saying TAKE YOUR MAKEUP OFF! YOU WILL REGRET IT.  
This cleanser is perfect for just then all you do is rub a small amount over your skin and is even gentle enough to take off eye makeup, and then wipe it away. I find this a really good alternative to make up wipes which I find very drying and not great for my skin. 

The next product is something I have never really got into before, which is blusher. I don't know why but for some reason I never thought that using blush suited me. But as mentioned in my previous The Body Shop post, for some reason I picked up their Baked-to-Last Blushers in the shade 02 coral. I can safely say I am completely in love with this product, it gives a warm glow to your skin with a mix of pigmented blush and a subtle shimmered highlighter. It's just so beautiful (get a room). 

Swatches of the Baked-to-Last Blusher.

Revlon ColourStay Palette : £7.99  Maxfactor Glossfinity Nail Varnish : £5.99

Two more beauty favourites for me this month have been the Revlon ColourStay eye shadow palette in 'Seductive' . I don't usually go for boldly coloured eye shadows but after seeing a few makeup tutorials using jewel colours and looking really beautiful, I decided to try one for myself. I choose this palette just because I liked the combination of the shimmer shades and the matte shades. After using this palette a few times I have received quite a lot of compliments, which is always a good sign  
The colours are build able and it's just a real mother of a eye shadow palette, no bull shit just a good product. 
Lastly is a very recent purchase of the Maxfactor Glossfinity nail varnish. This is my all time favourite nail polish colour which isn't as harsh as a glossy black varnish and I think pretty much can go with everything. I originally had the Nails Inc in the shade 'Victoria', but as this ran out I had to find a similar shade, and this is the first I found. Regardless of the beautiful colour the varnish is a really good quality and very glossy, it also lasts (as it says) at least 7 days, I would definitely buy this polish in a different shade. 

Swatches from the Revlon ColourStay Palette 
 Film Favourite

(All Images from Google) 

My definite favourite film I have seen this month has to be The Amazing Spider-man 2. Lets face it, if Andrew Garfield is involved it's pretty much a winner. I love the fact that more in this one than the other Spider-man films, this centers more on the relationships between the characters as well as being an action packed film. The on screen chemistry between Andrew and Emma is beautiful to watch, which lead me into wanting to fangirl all over there relationship (you just can't hate Emma Stone). I also enjoy an action film that doesn't take itself too seriously, so that light- hearted jokes and comical moments balance out the darker elements. Overall definitely my favourite Spider-man film to date.    

Fashion Favourite 

M&S : £35

I got these little beauties from M&S, completely by accident I may add... But I am completely obsessed with them they are really comfy as they are not too high. I like to style them with dresses as well as dress them down in jeans. 

So that's all for this month hopefully I will be able to post more often now that I am finished with my uni work! Let me know what you thought of any of the products I have used and your thoughts. 

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