Lush Cleanser Review : 'Dark Angels' vs. 'Herbalism'

Friday, 2 May 2014


  In another Lush post I mentioned that I had picked up (as well as an horrendous amount of bath bombs) the 'Dark Angels' and later the 'Herbalism' cleanser. I love Lush's products for their simple all-natural ingredients and friendly shop assistants. So after trying tonnes of different cleansers that claim to do a lot of things but rarely deliver I decided to try something a bit different. I used each product for about a month and this is what I found... 

After talking to a very helpful sales assistant, she recommended me these two products to try out. Another thing I love about Lush is that you can try a sample of the product before deciding whether to buy a full sized pot or not so you will never be stuck with a full sized product you won't ever use again. I choose the 'Dark Angels' and 'Herbalism' cleansers which I was told would work well for my combination skin. The 'Dark Angels' cleanser (above) looks very intimidating as it is charcoal black however the product was said to 'wake up the skin' by 'revealing a natural glow' by adding small amounts of water until the mixture forms a paste, then using this to cleanse and exfoliate the skin. 

I really like this cleanser because you really feel like it has made a difference to my skin straight after use and throughout the day. I used this once or twice a week as it is quite a strong exfoliator, but I really liked this aspect of it as I felt it unclogged pores and after periods of use it seemed to make problem areas of my skin clear. However the harshness of the scrub can leave skin a little dry so this may not work well people with dry skin, however with the right moisturizer after this I did't find this a problem. 

'Herbalism' another face and body cleanser that is 'a herbal combination to balance and clear skin'. Unlike 'Dark Angels' this cleanser is more gentle on the skin and I feel could be more of an everyday cleanser. I had high hopes for this product as it is targeted specifically to balance out problem skin as well as exfoliate. After testing this product for a little over a month, I found that for my skin it caused imperfections more than it cured them. And that the gentle nature of the product meant that unlike 'Dark Angels' it didn't feel like it was doing any substantial good to my skin.(This may just have been the case for my combination skin). 

 The redeeming quality of this cleanser however is that it smells amazing and unlike 'Dark Angels' isn't such a messy product. I would definitely recommend this to anyone with sensitive skin or anyone looking for an all-natural everyday cleanser.  

The Result 

I accidentally fell into Lush yesterday and bought the full sized version of 'Dark Angels' (£6.35 for 100g) and whilst I was there I was offered this cute little pot of hand and body lotion which is perfect to keep in your makeup bag. The lotion smells like a rose garden and reminds me of the cult Body Shop 'Wild Rose Hand and Nail Creme' however this little pot will only set you back £1 and 100% (minus VAT) goes to charities that Lush supports. How can you say no really. 

Let me know if you have tried any of these products and what you thought or any products you would like me to try and review!