Lush ... Bubble Bar, Bath Ballistic & Dark Angel

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

After a long time avoiding Lush as that one shop that you can smell before you see, I decided to brave it and after some recommendations...try some products.  
This 'bubble bar' caught my eye as being very cute and after a through inspection I concluded it smells exactly like a fresh punnet of strawberries. The directions state that you should 'crumble under the tap' to create the bubbles. I really prefer this to a bubble bath liquid, which seems to take a lot of product to get any movie-style overflowing bubbles. However the bubble bar creates a bath full of berry bubbles with only half the bar, turning the water immediately dusty pink and leaving you smelling of summer. 
This is my favorite bath ballistic by far in the lush range, it may also be the plainest. It however smells like cocoa butter and although does not create bubbles does fizz in the bath and leaves your skin silky smooth and relaxed. Being one of the less fussy and less fragrant bath products, I feel that it actually does my skin good without feeling too harsh or oily. I have stocked up on these and continue to buy them for myself as well as friends and family as a relaxing treat. 

Whilst in Lush I also inquired about the 'Dark Angel' face cleanser, the ever helpful store assistant offered me two sample pots as to try it out. It is possibly the most terrifying thing I have ever cleansed my face with as it is charcoal black, however I intend to test it thoroughly and will report back on the results.  

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